Shannon C Johnson


Worldwide, online gaming is considered as one of the best ways to reconnect and socialize with people apart from the ones we know in our lives. It is also an excellent stress-buster for all the students to take a break from their academic routines. Aside from all these perks, gaming online offers a ton of genres from which the students can make their favourite choice of games.

That said, online activities are generally associated with risks and risk factors. As a part of the responsible citizenship, it is imperative to abide by all the safety rules and regulations put forward by the government. It is essential to stay safe while gaming online to secure ones privacy and dignity.

Let’s start by highlighting the concerns and the risks involved when students (or anyone for that matter) are gaming online.


Risks Involved

  • Most players online are strangers to one another, playing from different parts of the world. Hence, it is easy for them to fake their identity and be dishonest in terms of name, identity, city, country, gender, and what not!
  • The chat feature present in most games can expose students to an inappropriate subject for a chat and the use of abusive language.
  • Fake friendship from gamers affects their mental health.
  • Students may be victims of malicious activities like cyberbullying and online grooming.

Tips to overcome the risks

It is imperative to follow the following safety measure and tips before exposing any student to the ocean of online gaming, to alleviate the risks mentioned above and activities

  • The importance of playing age-appropriate games ought to be discussed with the students interested in online games. They also should be encouraged to maintain open lines of communication to maintain a healthy relationship between the guardians/parents and the students.
  • Monitoring the kinds of games played by the students is essential because it provides a way to keep track of the content they’re exposed to, in the real world.
  • Multiplayer games are dominating in the gaming world, and the students need to follow online safety tips and guidelines to keep their sanity online. This includes not revealing any personal location, personal information, online passwords, mobile numbers, OTPs sent on mobile phones and many more. They should also be guided in ways to mute or block the conversations that are not in their best interest or otherwise offensive.
  • Students ought to be digitally smart; otherwise, they should be taught in that subject before they start playing these games. This is important because it helps them download games from credible sources, instead of falling prey to pirated games and information online.


Bottom Line

In addition to those mentioned above, it is also the primary responsibility of the schools and other educational institutions to take notice of these actions and guide the students in the right direction. Gaming online is for entertainment and to take the mind off from the street, but should not become a particular headache in the students’ life.

Counter-Strike – Global Offensive is still the most viewed and entertained multiplayer competitive in the market. But recently, most CSGO players have switched to Valorant as it follows the same mechanics while bringing a new style to the game. The players can pick agents with unique abilities that can help them improvise their games better. The objective and game style of both games are the same. Another reason people are switching to Valorant is because of the cheat guard that Riot Games promote as the best there is. On the other side, Valve is still very lazy about addressing the problems of the gaming community to create a foolproof cheat guard. The presence of cheaters in CSGO is the biggest reason that is killing the CSGO scene.

Building your first PC is more exciting than all the things that you can imagine. If you are a true gamer, it is a dream come true when you have enough money to build a custom PC. While doing so, remember that your budget should be divided properly between choosing the right parts first. Manage your money while keeping priority for buying a powerful motherboard, GPU, decent RAM, fast SSD, a cabinet with a good cooling system, a high DPI mouse, a high-resolution monitor, and a mechanical keyboard. Your maximum budget should be saved for your GPU, that will run your games smoothly and give you the real feeling of competitive gaming.

It is one of the most played First-person shooter games on the console as well as mobile. The game in itself follows a simple process. It is imperative to understand the various tips and tricks of the gameplay but to master any game. In this article, we will highlight the ticks to play Call of Duty.

shooter games

Using the minimap

The feature of minimap was introduced to the game in the Call of Duty version 4: Modern Warfare. It was introduced to predict the outline of the area in which the players are plying. It also displays the characters or the enemies that are present near you, along with your teammates. Often times, people concentrate more on finding the enemies manually and shooting them, instead of taking assistance from the map. Consider it as your best friend that will guide you into the enemy’s den on the battlefield. Sometimes, regardless of the gunfire, the fill streaks can also be used to determine the position of the enemies.


Use of grenades

Call of Duty is a very fast-paced game when compared to the slow-moving games like the ones in Battle Royale. Even if you’re heavy on dying, it immediately allows you to respawn. The primary aim of the game is to obtain as many kill streaks as possible and to dominate the enemy team with major kills and points. One of the primary weapons used for this feature is the utility grenade. This helps in disorienting the enemies as well as in revealing their locations. These kills are essential as they count the streak and also help in the gunfight.

Make use of attachments

This game provides a plethora of options for the weapons and other hierarchy of attachments inside the game, and luckily, there are no in-game purchases. These attachments are present for every part of the gun, and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. One of the essential extensions is the ones that are used to enhance the aim, stabilize recoil ratio and rate, the ones that improve the accuracy of the red dot, etc. Make sure you try a combination of these to ensure the best ammo.

Call of Duty

Keep Moving

Since the introduction of call of duty multi-players, camping is a collective term that was used, which means to remain locked up in one position, refusing to move around. It is considered as one of the worst strategies to implement as it is annoying for the other team players. Since your location and the enemies’ locations are revealed on the map, remaining in one particular position can be dangerous as the enemies come back hunting for you, knowing where exactly you are.

Long Route

One strategy followed by novices is to rush to the opponent’s team as soon as they find the chance. If you do this, you only end up bumping into each other. Although it is imperative to play fast and aggressive, it is also essential to have patience and use your skills to take the long route and kill everyone in the power positions.

First-person shooter games are the most fun and entertaining genre of games in the realm of the mobile gaming world. The popularity of Fortnite and PubG mobile has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. In addition to this, one of the very important aspects of such games is the Battle Royale games. It is vital to expertise some of the tricks and tips that will get you to where you want to be.

General Tips for Fortnite

Although Battle Royale looks similar in most of the first-person shooter games like that of Fortnite and PubG, there are a few distinctions that can quite set the players apart. However, to master your talent on the ground, you must follow some general tips.


Limit the sound

The decibel level ought to be to an absolute minimum level. The primary aim of the game is to hide from your enemies and kill them when you get the chance. If you could keep your sound level to a bare minimum, then the options of hiding from your enemy increase. It is also essential to secure your surroundings are secure, mostly when you’re scavenging for resources. They can even hear you when you’re switching weapons.

Headphones mandatory

If you invest in a good pair of headphones, then the chances are you can turn the tables for them. You can hear the slightest sound from your enemies, hunt and kill them. Since hunting for your enemies is half the battle, it is essential to track right.


Be paranoid

By this, we mean to be paranoid in the game and always have your system on high alert, because this game is not for all the faint-hearted. It is still crucial to assume that there are players around the corner. If you hear a faint noise, do not move and just wait for your enemy to make a move. By doing so, you can prevent from inventing death from your enemies.

Keep your circle close

The circle is what that matters in the game. Always be aware of this circle because it is forever shrinking in size and is also ready to swallow you anytime you’re not on alert. Hence, it is imperative to make a strategic decision, almost every minute of the game. If your timer is already ticking, then it is important to pay attention to the way in which it is shrinking so that you do not fall outside of it.


Engage when certain for success

Unlike many of the shooter games, this game aims to survive till the end and not to count the kills –which means you could get all the kills and still lose a game. Hence, it is imperative to be the survival of the fittest and assess your enemies carefully at all times.